Monday, 13 October 2014

The Art in Artistic gymnastics

Over the last two weeks in Nanning the question about artistry and sometimes the lack thereof was often hotly debated. It is true that people will never agree what is artistic and what not. Few routines whether or not in the finals are worth mentioning and they show how different great artistry can and should be different.

Simone Biles
The best gymnast in the world today. She is no ballerina and she does not pretend to be one and she should never try. Her routine  shows her explosiveness, lively character and great personality. The composition is great and suits her perfectly. The music is wisely chosen and fits the routine. She shows confidence, uses the music perfectly and is a joy to watch. And we are not talking about the tumbling which is as difficult as it is seems to easy for her.

Marine Brevet
A totally different routine to Simone´s. She shows grace, maturity and artistry. Her use of the music and her strength is feel for the beat of the music and good feel for movement and feeling.

Martha Pihan Kulesza
Her maturity and endless charisma is a joy to watch. The confidence to use the Pink Panther which is one of the most overused piece of music in gymnastics. This could go so horribly wrong but is so perfectly right.

Three very different routines from three different young women who show that artistry can be different and unique.

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